The Top 16 Podcast Critics of 2023

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Oh my god, we're back again. Did you know podcast critic/professional reviews are out there? It's our goal to put them all together into one spot for your reading and decision-making process for podcasts. In this edition, we will revisit the Top 16 people or groups that had the most clicks to "Read Full Review" from 2023.

What does this mean? If you, the reader/listener want to read the full review from a critic, and you click on the "Read Full Review" button, that is what is counted here.

TL;DR (Too long, didn't read): Average percentage of web visitors that clicked on a review: 19% of all visitors clicked from an average of 17% from 2022.

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The Numbers: Out of all the reviewers that were clicked these are the top 16 people with their percentage of clicks. For the second year in a row, James Marriot takes the cake. This is out of 800 reviewers added to the database.

  1. James Marriot - Times UK 9.76%
  2. Miranda Sawyer - The Guardian 7.89%
  3. Ximena Smith - Stuff.NZ 4.98%
  4. Hilary Rose - Times UK 4.43%
  5. Lauren Passell - Podcast The Newsletter 4.12%
  6. Patricia Nicol - Times UK 3.41%
  7. The Crime Writers Squad - The Crime Writers Squad 3.39%
  8. Nicholas Quah - Vulture  2.75%
  9. Fiona Sturges - Financial Times 2.98%
  10. Hannah Verdier - The Guardian 2.55%
  11. Hollie Richardson - The Guardian 1.85%
  12. Gregg Stockdale - The Podcast Geek 1.68%
  13. Stephen O. - Podcast Delivery 1.60%
  14. Kev - Tea In The Sahara 1.34%
  15. Lucy White - Irish Independent 1.31%
  16. Michael Bergonzi - Audio Drama Reviews 1.18%

(Source: Great Pods Amplitude Analytics)

Note: As usual, some reviews are behind paywalls so users may have a bad experience with the article.

Side Note: Site traffic increased 50% from 2022.

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