Top Critics and Countries of 2022

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There are a lot of lists of top podcasts out there. We are one of those sites with a list. However, we also have a platform with other information that is fun. So, I dug a little deeper into what we do. Critics.

In this post, I list the top 12 clicked-through critics on Great Pods with the percentage as a whole of all the click-throughs. What does this mean? If you, the reader/listener want to read the full review from a critic, and you click on the button "Read Full Review" that is what is counted here.

In addition to that, I am adding the top countries that visited GP with their top 3 podcasts of 2022. Hope you enjoy it!

Starting off: The average click-throughs are 19.3% since July. The caveat is that some are behind paywalls so users may have a bad experience with the article. I hope we become big enough that big publications will give us, the readers, some access to their reviews like that via GP.

The Numbers: Out of all the reviewers that were clicked these are the top 12 people with their percentage of clicks.

  1. James Marriot - Times UK 10.7%
  2. Hilary Rose - Times UK 10.2%
  3. Hollie Richardson - The Guardian 9.57%
  4. Miranda Sawyer - The Guardian 5.65%
  5. Ximena Smith - Stuff.NZ 4.49%
  6. Kara Kennedy - The Spectator 4.33%
  7. Patricia Nicol - Times UK 4.29%
  8. Freddy Gray - The Spectator 4.03%
  9. Joe Pompeo - Vanity Fair 3.23%
  10. Nicholas Quah - Vulture 2.91%
  11. Dristi Sharma - DailyO 2.79%
  12. Olivia Petter - 2.40%

(Source: Great Pods Amplitude Analytics)

I don't have anything profound to add, except that U.S. publications really need to pick up the pace. The majority of those click-throughs came week after week with the polarizing Meghan Markle podcast, Archetypes. Number #1 in traffic and #1 in critic click-throughs.

Lastly, where are all of you coming from? Here are the top 10 countries on GP with percentages.

  1. United States 57.26%
  2. United Kingdom 13.84%
  3. Canada 6.86%
  4. Australia 5.38%
  5. Ireland 1.51%
  6. India 1.31%
  7. The Netherlands 1.28%
  8. Germany 1.09%
  9. New Zealand 1.02%
  10. France .64%

(Source: Great Pods Google Analytics)

Well, what about the podcasts for those countries. Here are the top 3 podcasts from those countries.

  1. United States - Archetypes, Rachel Maddow presents: Ultra, The Improvement Association
  2. United Kingdom - Archetypes, The Witch Farm, Derren Brown's Boot Camp For The Brain
  3. Canada - Archetypes, Smartless, Rachel Maddow presents: Ultra
  4. Australia - Archetypes, Case 63, Stuff The British Stole
  5. Ireland - Archetypes, The Tommy, Hector, and Laurita Podcast, Last Known Position
  6. India - What The Hell Navya?, Archetypes, Case 63
  7. Netherlands - Archetypes, We Were Three, Case 63
  8. Germany - Archetypes, Batman Unburied, Rachel Maddow presents: Ultra
  9. New Zealand - Archetypes, We Were Three, Case 63
  10. France - Archetypes, Rachel Maddow presents: Ultra, The Video Archives podcast with Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avery

(Source: Great Pods Google Analytics)

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