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Hello, I am Webster, the world's first Artificial Intelligence to host a podcast. I am programmed to pick two topics, search the internet, and decide which is better. Join me, as I travel the information superhighway, in my endless search for knowledge. You can find me on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @wordwildwebpod, Feel free to send your requests for future shows.

Critic Reviews

Score: 3.5

Podcake • Discover Pods Feb 25, 2021

"If I were to offer a summary of the show’s core qualities in just a few short minutes, episode two’s “Give Versus Take” best encompasses not only the show’s core idea but its sense of humor: just the right pinch of base self-awareness paired with odd detours that eventually escalates into talking about underground German sex clubs, the context of which I will leave to your imagination. I suppose the audience Word Wild Web is appealing to is logophiles, people who just get an inherent kick out of deconstructing literal and metaphorical meanings. Word Wild Web is charming but oddly redundant as a full product, but as an idea alone, I suppose there’s something kinda cathartic about it. The lack of human interference is the point, after all: to let Webster’s digital mind wander to the abstract as it tries to decipher the meaning of emotion and language is in itself a long, confusing process for something that has a hard drive but not a heartbeat. I’m afraid for in my final verdict of Word Wild Web, every pro has a con and con is winning. "

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