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Wild Thing: Various Seasons


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Wild Thing is a podcast about the strange and unusual things that capture our imaginations. It’s about the relationship between science and society. It’s about wild places, wild people, and wild ideas. Because whether it’s seeking out Bigfoot, in season one, or gazing skyward to look for extraterrestrial life in season two, the search for the unknown helps us better understand ourselves. Each week, host Laura Krantz takes us through the latest chapter, which builds on previous ones, so it’s best to start listening with Episode 1 of each season. New episodes are released on Thursday mornings.

Critic Reviews

Score: 4.7

Kylie Mohr • High Country News Jun 15, 2022

"(Season: Going Nuclear) Krantz grounds the debate in southern Idaho...Centering the podcast’s core narrative in a location where things went wrong does cast an inherent pall over nuclear power’s viability as an energy option.Krantz’s past seasons of Wild Thing will recognize her jokes and an earnest, curious approach...Krantz is a master at demystifying scary things, either actual events or the somewhat more dubious kind…"

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