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WILD is a podcast about growing up … kind of. About those big and small moments that transform us forever. About how sometimes we come out on the other side of chaos or adversity with scars, but we come out stronger. WILD is back for season two. This season, it's all about love with co-hosts Erick Galindo and Megan Tan. You heard Megan's pandemic love story in season one. This time, Erick tells Megan a fictional love story, inspired by the wildest thing he once did for love. It starts with an invite on a cross-country road trip with the woman wh...

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Score: 5

Lauren Passell • Podcast The Newsletter Apr 24, 2023

"(Season 2) The first episode of the series I Think I’m falling In Love is full of humor and character, it feels warm as spring and is rich with a sense of place—Los Angeles. If LA was a podcast, this is it."

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Score: 5

Laura Jane Standley • The Atlantic Dec 27, 2021

"Each episode of Wild feels like a late-night hang with the writer Erick Galindo and his guest. Wild is a beautiful audio scrapbook inspired by isolation."

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