Who Was Michael X?


Who Was Michael X?


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Who’s Michael X? A fascinating documentary series investigating Michael ‘X’ Abdul Malik who became Britain’s preeminent Black Power leader of his age, but yet has been forgotten to the folds of time. Malik participated in seminal moments in the black British experience. A friend to the highest and lowest and never far from scandal, his journey took him into the heart of the establishment. This immersive series brings to life a story replete with intrigue, major crime, espionage, and murder. Through his Black experience, this series will uncover the systemic remnants of empire that have sculpted the present UK.

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Score: 5

Hollie Richardson • The Guardian Aug 25, 2022

"This immersive podcast tells the intriguing story of the Trinidad and Tobago-born Michael de Freitas...using dramatised snippets to bring the activist’s story to life."

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