Were You Raised By Wolves?

Nick Leighton

Were You Raised By Wolves?


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Editors’ Notes: “I want to give everybody the tools to solve their own etiquette problems,” says Nick Leighton, cohost and producer of Were You Raised by Wolves?, a weekly podcast in which he and cohost Leah Bonnema look into the many sticky social situations we all face. “With each of the questions that we get, from the bonkers to the ordinary, I always try to take a step back and ask, ‘What are the bigger principles here?’ I'm always looking for topics that help us make a larger point.” In each episode, Leighton, a two-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, and Bonnema, a comic/writer, sh...

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James S. Apr 11, 2021

""Were You Raised By Wolves?" is wildly entertaining, educational, and relatable. Nick and Leah are a perfect pair. Just simply a delight to listen to each week - I laugh, I learn, I impatiently wait a week and then do it all again. The show is expertly organized and edited ; no rambling or long-winded tangents here (although I wouldn’t mind a little of that at all from these two - can’t get enough!). My only criticism is that the bonus episodes do not include the AMAZING and *very* danceable theme song at the intro."

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