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We Disrupt This Broadcast


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Who are the risk takers that help reinvent and reimagine the kinds of stories we see on TV? And how do they disrupt what we’ve come to expect on our screens and in our culture? We Disrupt This Broadcast, the new podcast from The Peabody Awards and Center for Media & Social Impact, wants to answer these very questions. Produced and distributed in partnership with award-winning audio production group PRX and hosted by comedian Gabe González, We Disrupt This Broadcast explores how the minds behind critically-acclaimed TV shows are re-imagining the world and tackling the big issues that move us...

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Score: 5

Stephen O. • Podcast Delivery Apr 15, 2024

"Speaking of the end of the last century, that's just about when Peak TV started to take shape thanks to shows like The Sopranos, The Wire, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad to name a few. With a more serialized storytelling style and a shift away from scheduled broadcasting, compelling intellectual property and a talented production team could beam rich worlds of escape straight to your connected device of choice. …"

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