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Two years ago, Kyle MacLachlan, the star of Twin Peaks, called investigative journalist Joshua Davis with a strange story. Kyle had heard a rumor that Pablo Escobar did a deal in the early 1980s with a remote, coastal Southern town of 300 people. In exchange for vast wealth and limitless cocaine, Escobar would be allowed to land planes and ships in the area. Over the last 24 months, Josh and Kyle investigated the rumor, journeying to Varnamtown to knock on doors and find out what really happens when a firehose of money and cocaine is turned on a small, tight knit community. Varnamtown was created in association with PodcastOne. It is produced by Epic Magazine, Picture Perfect Federation, and Full Picture with consulting producers Nir Liberboim and Lynn Betz.

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Score: 5

The Crime Writers Squad • Crime Writers On Mar 21, 2024

"It's a delightful romp through this footnote in the war on drugs...The story is as quirky as an episode of “Twin Peaks.” "Varnamtown" is an unexpected tour-de-force that we all loved."

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