Publisher: Long Story Short Productions

Critic Rating: 5.0/5


UNSEEN is the new urban fantasy audio fiction podcast by Long Story Short Productions. The premise behind it is simple: in a world where magic is real but invisible to almost everyone, for the few magical beings that exist every day is a struggle just to be seen. Season one of UNSEEN will feature ten different stories of identity, connection, and personhood (and, of course, magic) in the modern world. Some of them will be thrilling adventures. Others may be sad and melancholic. Some may be creepy and unsettling. Each of them will feature a single performer, guiding the audience th...

Critic Reviews

Score: 5

Rashika Rao - Bello Collective - Dec 2, 2020

"Each standalone monologue in the UNSEEN anthology brings a burst of magic to a society desperately in need of it; in a year of Zoom fatigue and concentration migraines, Professor Greerson’s intro to “Fundamental Principles of Theurgical Sciences” is the only lecture I didn’t have to focus on focusing on."

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