Uncanny Robot: AI-generated Stories Read by Humans

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Uncanny Robot: AI-generated Stories Read by Humans


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Humorous and surreal short stories and audio dramas read and performed by humans. || Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival "Best Podcast Stories" Winner Our stories aren't nonsensical gibberish as some might assume. We combine our storytelling skills with AI-conceived concepts to create tales with a story arc, fully-developed characters and satisfying endings. We feature human voice actors, not computer generated voices. Written and performed by Bram Stoker Award Finalist and Clarion West 2015 Graduate Thersa Matsuura and audio engineer Rich Pav.

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Score: 5

Andrew L. Mar 22, 2022

"I heard about this podcast through the Uncanny Japan podcast— didn't know what to expect. I'd never really delved into Artificial Intelligence or neural networks, and never really felt the need, so if anything I was a little bit skeptical going in. Would A.I. stories be worth listening to? Well, yes! I was surprised by how touching, funny, and human these stories could be. And the creators do a very great job of acting and reading them— the stories are, at times, dreamlike, raucous, hilarious, touching, and beautiful. A true pleasure to listen to!"

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