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Two Minutes Past Nine


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Twenty-five years on from the largest domestic terror incident in American history, journalist Leah Sottile investigates the legacy of the Oklahoma City Bombing.

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Score: 4.5

Neroli Price - BBC - Oct 2, 2020

"Two Minutes Past Nine' shows how the failure to take this threat seriously in the past has led to its resurgence today. The series offers history as a cautionary tale. Opting for a model similar to the BBC’s 2019 Tunnel 29, this rapid-fire series consists of multiple short episodes of under 15 minutes each. This makes it feel like a quick listen timed for successive dips in and out or, alternatively, an almighty binge."

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Score: 5

Nicholas Quah - Vulture - Sep 30, 2020

"Two Minutes Past Nine is refreshing for the sobriety of its presentation. It doesn’t really worry about you losing the plot, instead trusting the natural importance of the subject. (Another plus: The podcast is efficient; each episode comes in at around 15 minutes, and I can’t praise this design decision enough.) "

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