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Truth vs Hollywood

Publisher: Audioboom

Critic Rating: 4.4/5


Truth vs Hollywood is a critical look at the real story behind popular films that are Based on a True Story. From the tragedy of Munich to the fun of Goodfellas, our film-loving hosts David Chen and Joanna Robinson will explore the films as well as What Really Happened. Aided by interviews with writers, journalists, and the people who were really there. In exploring the true story and how it was portrayed in the film, Truth vs Hollywood examines the larger theme of film vs real life.

Critic Reviews

Score: 4.4

Zach Brooke - AV Club - Jun 22, 2020

"This brand-new series turns its focus to the movies claiming to be based on a true story and measures them up against the actual events. Yet the hosts are not so caught up in their fact-checking mission that they can’t enjoy the movie..."

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