The Santiago Boys

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The Santiago Boys


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The Santiago Boys is a nine-part podcast about a group of radical utopians around Salvador Allende, Chile's socialist president. Undeterred by the Cold War and machinations of their enemies and aided by an eccentric British consultant, they try to wrestle control over technology from multinationals and intelligence agencies and use it to create a more egalitarian economy. As their dream gets crushed by Pinochet's bloody coup, the Santiago Boys find an unexpected afterlife - and in Silicon Valley of all places.The series is written and presented by Evgeny Morozov, a leading technology critic.

Critic Reviews

Score: 5

Fiona Sturges • Financial Times Aug 20, 2023

"The Santiago Boys may prove hard going for those who like their narrative series delivered in small, digestible portions. But it’s refreshing to find one that doesn’t shrink from complex ideas and that credits its audience with intelligence, curiosity and, above all, staying power. Like the best podcasts, it leaves you feeling a little bit cleverer for having heard it."

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