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Helen Lewis Has Left the Chat. Have you ever been trapped in a group chat nightmare, either grabbing the popcorn or wondering how to leave without causing a scene? Who's the admin in your family group, and do they wield that power responsibly? Do you ever wonder if it's appropriate to use emojis when talking to your boss? The rise of instant messaging has made our social and professional lives faster, more casual — and more chaotic. But amid all the discussion of the effects of public social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, there has been relatively little attention paid to...

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Ximena Smith • Stuff NZ Jan 21, 2023

"Lewis is never patronising or sneering, and perhaps this is why so few of her interview subjects bar-up when she asks them challenging questions. Instead, Lewis manages to have quite thoughtful and probing conversations with many of the gurus she speaks to, drawing a lot out of them."

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Score: 5.0

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