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The Lincoln Project was formed in 2019 to defend American democracy from Donald Trump and those who identify (publicly or privately) as MAGA supporters. Creators of the most successful and poignant viral ads in the political sphere, the Lincoln Project has a reputation for saying the things others are afraid to say. For nearly five years, the Lincoln Project has waged a relentless campaign of targeted attacks on Trump and his deranged ilk, armed with the most watched and talked-about ad content on the internet.At the helm of this organization is the host of the LP Podcast, Rick Wilson, a...

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Imran A. Jun 18, 2020

"Having see a few Lincoln Project commercials vs. Trump this year, little was known about the foundation itself. Like who were these guys. Well, this episode/podcast is all about that. The founding members and surprisingly George Conway, wife of Keyllanne. They sound smart, intelligent, and forward thinking. Just really refreshing to hear on a Republican side. This was well done and a good listen. Will continue."

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