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The Last Bohemians is an award-winning portrait/podcast series that meets female firebrands and maverick outsiders who have lived live on the edge and who still refuse to play by the rules – from subversive musicians and rock'n'roll groupies to groundbreaking artists and game-changing style icons. The series is created and presented by journalist Kate Hutchinson and is produced by a team of women in audio, with portraits by Laura Kelly. Season 1 featured Molly Parkin, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Pauline Black and more; Season 2 stars the likes of Judy Collins, Gee Vaucher, Zandra Rhodes and P.P. Arnold. It won silver in th...

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Score: 5

Alice Florence Orr - - Jan 20, 2021

"For a podcast about rule breakers, the format of the show is simple. But the idea of exclusively interviewing trailblazing older women is fresh and engaging, documenting a gritty and turbulent period of our recent history to great effect."

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