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The Global Jigsaw


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Looking at the world through the lens of its media. Think of us as your media detectives, helping you get past the propaganda and misinformation. The Global Jigsaw comes from BBC Monitoring, which tracks, deciphers and analyses news media in 100 languages.We reach across multiple time zones, from China and India, to Iran, Africa and Latin America. We watch Russian state TV around the clock, giving unrivalled insight into the evolution of Kremlin propaganda. But propaganda is just part of the information space we inhabit. In its more extreme form, we focus on disinformation that aims to defame enemies, sway...

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Score: 5

Patricia Nicol • The Times UK May 7, 2023

"...often surprising, even entertaining...The tone is worthy, but this is a worthwhile, informative undertaking and listen. And it’s a good reminder of BBC World News’s soft power strength, which I imagine is part of the intention."

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