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Hosted by Blindboy, of the Rubberbandits. An eclectic podcast containing short fiction, interviews and comedy. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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Score: 3.5

Cara L. Jun 14, 2020

"Blindboy interviews Emma Dabiri, who grew up in Ireland and is of Nigerian heritage, about African culture and the surprising importance of hair and hairstyles. Other topics include: what it was like to grow up in Ireland, colonialism and current issues around race."

Score: 3.5

Cara L. Jun 7, 2020

"It’s a good idea to start at the beginning with The Blindboy Podcast and listen to the episodes in order as there are some themes that run throughout. This particular episode is about US border control and how they are asking for your Facebook and Twitter handles in order to enter the country. This means that if you have ever posted anything politically charged, you can be denied entry to the US. Blindboy likens this to a Panopticon - a circular prison with cells arranged around a central well, from which prisoners can at all times be observed. Blindboy is an Irish podcaster and entertainer who has an interest in a wide variety of topics including the arts and mental health. He delves really deeply into some very interesting topics and it’s easy to while away an hour or so following his train of thought."

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