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Welcome to a fully AI-generated story podcast series facilitated by the team at This Is Distorted! In this groundbreaking series, every aspect of the show - from the writing to the sound design, artwork to the music and even this very description is created entirely by artificial intelligence.But this isn't your typical dry, robotic podcast. The AI has been designed to create content that is engaging and entertaining, with each episode featuring a dynamic blend of music, sound effects, and voice acting.As you listen, you'll be transported into a world where machines and humans work together to create...

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Score: 4

Fiona Sturges • Financial Times Mar 26, 2023

"Synthetic Stories is really an experiment conducted by the audio content agency This Is Distorted, to see to what extent the technology can pull the wool over our eyes. That the story is told by a single male narrator means the vibe is more audiobook than pod. More pointedly, the voice lacks the intonation and inflection that would be provided by a good voice actor. As for the story, the pacing is off, it is prone to repetition and the mystery is wrapped up way too soon, though asking an AI bot to create a story about the threat to humanity presented by AI is enjoyably meta. The best that can be said about Synthetic Stories is that it is a worthy experiment that tells us much about the possibilities of AI and, most importantly, its limitations. …"

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