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The status-quo when it comes to work, power, creativity, and inclusive relationships are crusty and broken, but the silver-lining of seeing the flaws in our systems is that we have the power and opportunity to build something exciting and new. Sway Them in Color explores acts of personal and professional courage and the leadership lessons gained from unconventional leaders who have gone against the status-quo to share new ideas and creations. From sex educators, tech entrepreneurs and performers, to spiritual advisors and corporate executives, each episode provides hilarious and enlightening universal lessons on some of the deeper questions of life...

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Score: 5

PR Staff • PodcastReview.org Oct 14, 2020

"Kara Swisher’s new interview podcast for the New York Times bills itself as an investigation of power: “Who has it, who’s been denied it, and who dares to defy it.” Listeners of both Pivot and Recode Decode know that Swisher brings a keen sense of morality to her interviews, as well as a sense of humor. Sway is no different, but it’s great to see Swisher take her skills to an even bigger stage."

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