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We've been building computers to think like us for years, but our ability to replicate human senses has been impossible. Until Now. This technological disruption is starting to profoundly change how we interact with the world around us, revealing it to us for the first time in high fidelity and with striking detail. An AI revolution is super-charging sensing technology, promising us eyes with laser precision, ears that can distinguish every sound in a mile's radius and noses than can sniff out the early signs of forest fires before a flame is present. Prof. Ben Garrod, evolutionary biologist & primatologist, meets the first adopters. The archaeologists, ecologists and medics, who are having their worlds turned upside down and inside out.

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Score: 5

Miranda Sawyer • The Guardian Apr 21, 2023

"The extremely enthusiastic Professor Ben Garrod is our presenter and he bounces us along in the manner of a jolly wowser Open University teacher. It’s fascinating. Science can blow your mind far more excitingly – and to better purpose – than any fake shaman."

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