Stories After Dark

Stories After Dark

Publisher: Stories After Dark

Critic Rating: 4.8/5

User Rating: 4.0/5


A narrative podcast on Philippine true crime and mystery stories. For episode references and more information about the show, please visit

Critic Reviews

Score: 5

Ysa Singson - Cosmopolitan PH - Feb 13, 2021

"The first episode was surprisingly detailed. I appreciated the fact that the narrator included locations in his storytelling. It made the story more accessible for me—which is a weird thing to say now that I think about it 'cause he was mentioning places where body parts were found. What got me hooked was when the narrator mentioned that until this day, the case remains unsolved. My mind immediately came up with all these possible scenarios, tbh! By the end of the first story, I found myself asking, 'Ano na?' and it made me want to listen to more episodes. This experience made me realize that there are so many stories about the Philippines and its people that I have no knowledge of. "

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Score: 4.5

Clara Rosales - Cosmopolitan PH - Mar 24, 2020

"This Eerie Podcast Was Made For Fans Of Filipino True Crime Stories. Scenes can get pretty graphic, though, so you might want to listen to it during daytime if you're easily spooked."

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User Reviews

Score: 4

Jay S. - Feb 22, 2021

"Almost too creepy! The host's voice is sinister and the stories are disturbing. If you like terrorizing true crime, this one is for you. Me, personally? I unsubscribed. It was too extreme for me!"

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