Stopping To Notice with Miranda Keeling

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Stopping To Notice with Miranda Keeling


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Pause for a moment and take the time for some reflection. The small but magical moments of everyday life can provide calmness when things get busy. Author, actor, and social media personality Miranda Keeling invites you to join her on her walks to share these experiences, and to encourage you to stop and notice the world around you. Through her keen observations, Miranda brings to life the often-overlooked details of the world around us. Her popular Twitter account inspired this podcast, and now she shares her insights with you in sound, thanks to our 3D recordings that let you experience...

Critic Reviews

Score: 5

Miranda Sawyer • The Guardian Feb 4, 2023

"Keeling’s voice, which reminds me a bit of Josie Long, is welcoming and her eye is acute. A short walk along Blackstock Road in north London to the sound of a nearby Arsenal game is an auditory rollercoaster; a wander round a hidden park reveals a bench plaque to business show-off Digby Jones (Keeling doesn’t seem to know who he is, which I liked). It’s wonderful stuff."

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Score: 4.5

Ximena Smith • Stuff NZ Jan 7, 2023

"...this is a unique new series that pushes the boundaries of audio storytelling in a simple-yet-effective way. Keeling’s remarks of her surroundings are elegant and poetic, and they sit beautifully overtop of soothing atmospheric sound. I would describe the series as being somewhat akin to guided mindfulness meditations, therefore it’s not one to listen to while at the gym or running errands – instead, make yourself a cup of tea, put your headphones on, sit down and close your eyes before pressing play."

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