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In 2017, Frank Carver, a one-eyed English septuagenarian and somewhat lovable provocateur, accidentally emailed someone he’d never met. That someone was Rob Collins, a kind and reliable 43-year-old suburban dad from Virginia. That email would change both of their lives. The email was meant for a British blogger. But instead, Rob heard the story. Frank said that when he was in the Army, over 50 years ago, he was viciously assaulted by a fellow soldier, and that attack left him nearly blind at 17 years old. Oh, and the alleged attacker was Frank’s older brother. But the crime was “covered up,” and whil...

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Score: 5

Frank Racioppi • Ear Worthy May 9, 2022

"...better than any production a large podcast network could create, develop, finance and produce. So with all the large podcast networks producing content, Square Peg demonstrates that an independent podcast can often match, or in this case, exceed the expensive creative and production work of the most heavily funded network."

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Score: 4.9

Lauren Passell • Podcast The Newsletter May 2, 2022

"Both stories—of Frank and John and of Rob—are riveting enough that I couldn’t stop listening, and am so glad this show has completely dropped, I would have died if I wouldn’t have been able to binge it."

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