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We follow in the footsteps of mavericks, hustlers and dreamers, who've made, and been made, by trainers. We hear their tales of boom and bust, fame and infamy, hope and heartbreak

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Score: 4.5

Francesca Turauskis • Pod Bible Jun 1, 2021

"With the fictionalised exchanges of key events (for example, when Nike co-founder using a waffle iron to make the soles of their famous shoes…) this is a must listen for those who like Wondery’s Business Wars."

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Score: 2

James Marriot • The Times UK May 27, 2021

"...the producers of Sneakernomics belong to the weirdly enormous cohort of people who believe that the future of podcasting is audio drama. This is a cultural movement I can’t wait to end, but for now it means Sneakernomics listeners will have to persevere as the podcast is “enlivened” by dramatic reconstructions of key moments in the history of trainers. The dramatic interludes are weirdly circular and repetitious. I feel bad because the show’s heart is clearly in the right place and it’s a good idea. Oh, well. Perhaps they can chalk that one up as a learning experience."

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