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Sliding Doors


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Have you ever really thought about those moments that shaped your life? Those decisions that could have gone either way and the opportunities presented to you? What if you had taken a risk to get that job, or not have gone on that night out? Sliding Doors is the podcast that delves into those decisions and moments that build the path of our lives, based on the premise of the 90s movie classic. Each episode we will chat to some amazing people from all walks of life about their Sliding Doors Moments, and how things might have looked if they...

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Score: 5

Anya G Spence • Podcast Rex May 31, 2024

"Jennie effortlessly has empathetic and hugely engaging conversations...Sometimes humorous, often profound and always thought-provoking, the show is the perfect blend of all the addicting emotional factors that will make you binge..."

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