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Laura Mayer

Shameless Acquisition Target


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After years of seeing friends (and some enemies) get rich, rich, rich selling their shows and companies to other bigger shows and bigger companies, longtime podcast executive Laura Mayer has decided to get hers. To do this, she'll speak to straight-up geniuses in the worlds of podcasting, entertainment, and business to understand what value is in media and how to make it. At the end, Laura will sell the show itself to the highest bidder. Will she make hundreds, millions, or even dozens of dollars? Will she be able to afford the gray house down the street from her rental...

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Score: 5

Lauren Passell • Podcast The Newsletter Jul 25, 2022

"With lots of humor and spice, Laura is pulling the curtain back on acquisitions, letting us in on her journey and the media landscape on the whole. She’s saying the stuff nobody is saying and totally putting herself out there for our enjoyment."

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