Shadow World: Thief at the British Museum


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Gripping stories from the shadows - BBC investigations from across the UKThe inside story of how ancient treasures disappeared from one of the world's most famous museums. And how one man believes he uncovered a thief.BBC Culture Editor Katie Razzall reveals how a Danish gem dealer almost single-handedly identified a man he believes had been stealing precious artefacts from the British Museum. She looks at why thefts went unnoticed for so long.What begins as a whodunnit turns into a global treasure hunt as Katie tries to track down the missing gems.

Critic Reviews

Score: 5

Scott Bryan • Podcast Rex Jun 9, 2024

"A fascinating little series, presented by the BBC’s Culture Editor Katie Razzall, exploring the theft of treasures at the British Museum. "

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Score: 5

Miranda Sawyer • The Guardian Jun 8, 2024

"...a warm, classy series...There are Agatha Christie elements...all enhanced by a suspenseful orchestral soundtrack."

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Score: 3.5

Edward Wickham • Church Times Jun 7, 2024

"There is baked into this comment a double helping of snobbery: incredulity that such a sordid deed should be committed by a man of such elevated academic status, and that it could be carried out so ineptly. Surely a brilliant mind is capable only of a brilliant crime."

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Score: 4

James Marriot • The Times UK May 30, 2024

"What a pleasure this show is. Deftly told, a brilliant hero and a proper mystery. I was hooked."

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