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“Rep” is a bold, wide-ranging podcast, brought to you by journalist Noor Tagouri.  Noor began by examining the misrepresentation of Muslims in US media and how this impacts American culture. She discovered a fuller exploration of the ever-evolving story of America, which challenged the stories we’ve known…and revealed how the stories we tell affect all of us. Rep is a thoughtful investigation of our beliefs and understandings and how they exist within the dynamic of politics, pop culture, and public opinion. This is a story about the stories we tell.

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Score: 5

Lauren Passell • Podcast The Newsletter May 16, 2022

"There’s a cool loop going on—how Black people practice Islam in America has shaped Black communities and the founders of hip hop. I listened three times—partially for the music, partially because each storyteller had insight about race and religion that I’d never considered before."

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