REAL ONES with Jon Bernthal

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REAL ONES with Jon Bernthal


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Real Ones is a weekly podcast with Jon Bernthal that gives the microphone to some of the most interesting, authentic people living on the front lines of the big issues of our time.  From cops to gang members, soldiers and doctors, activists and first responders, you’re going to hear from people who aren’t pushing any agenda other than honest, open dialogue.  What transpires is informative, funny, and at times heartbreaking – delivered by people you’ll feel an immediate connection to.

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Score: 5

Maggie Boccella • Collider Aug 16, 2022

"...always managing to take its listeners by surprise. Having recently returned for a second season, the show pulls absolutely none of its punches, and delivers some of the most engaging, authentic conversations out there, with Bernthal leading the discussion and putting a foot in the door for real connection and change."

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