Radiotopia Presents: Blind Guy Travels


Radiotopia Presents: Blind Guy Travels


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My Mother Made Me is a series from Radiotopia Presents, where writer Jason Reynolds and his mother, Isabell, explore their shared history, how she raised him, and what they’re teaching each other. It’s a love letter to their connection, an homage to parent-child friendship, and a testament to how growth can be perpetual, despite age or circumstance. Across four episodes, Jason and Isabell go deep – into birth, death and spirituality… but they also keep it light: pushing a cart through Costco, birthday lunches, and hitting the casino together. That’s just how they do. My Mother Made Me is a produ...

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Score: 5

Fiona Sturges • Financial Times Jul 4, 2021

"Blind Guy Travels undoubtedly offers a perspective that is rarely heard, though it is Shifrin’s telling that is key. He is wry, upbeat and often matter-of-fact about the inconveniences that the visual world throws at him."

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