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Rachel Johnson’s Difficult Women


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Well-behaved women rarely make history – as someone once said – difficult women do. In this new LBC new podcast, Rachel Johnson's Difficult Women, Rachel will be talking to women who had to be a pain in the backside to get where they are today. Women who take the word difficult as a compliment not an insult. And women who had to fight, resist, insist, or otherwise be badly behaved in order to get things done. Listen and subscribe on Global Player, or wherever you get your podcasts. Follow Rachel on Twitter: @RachelSJohnson

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Score: 4

James Marriot - The Times UK - Nov 4, 2021

"Most people can only speculate about life at the top. Johnson knows. This gives her podcast an atmosphere of authority but also an appealing, insidery feel. You get to feel that you too are on first-name terms with the eminent creatures."

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