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Race Chaser with Alaska & Willam

Publisher: Forever Dog

User Rating: 5.0/5


RuPaul’s Drag Race superstars and fan favorites Alaska (All Stars S2 Winner, S5 Top 3) and Willam (S4 standout and Emmy Nominated actor) bring you an insider’s look at the worldwide phenomenon that is Drag Race by discussing and dissecting every episode ever. They also dive into some Hot Goss, going behind the curtain of the Drag scene, talking a bit of politics, and answering emails from their dedicated listeners. Produced by the Forever Dog Podcast Network.

User Reviews

Score: 5

Katie D. - Aug 16, 2020

"Who's funnier than Alaska and Willam? Only Bianca Del Rio! This is a must listen for ANYONE, not just Drag Race fans. "

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