Power Trip


Power Trip


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My name is Jane, and I can make you do whatever I want. If you think I’m going to say ‘just kidding!’ think again. My wish is also my command. Being chronically ill means you have the best seat on the perpetual struggle bus. Thanks to the very sexy diagnosis of end-stage kidney disease I was always missing out: on my dream writing career, finding love (bah humbug, but one can hope…right?)…even literally missing my daily train to get to work because I’d trip and fall on my cane. Classic Jane: basketcase.  But thanks to a black-market ki...

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Score: 4.8

Matt Blanchette • AndersonVision Aug 5, 2022

"(Episode 3) "Buy Me a Drink" continues the fantastic, always relevant, and darkly funny run of "Power Trip"...What continues to impress me about this show is that it feels lived-in; it feels authentic; it feels like actual life. I really have to commend Mary Hamilton and Cara Horner, the writers of this show; they nail the tone, they nail the details, and Jane’s never not relatable even when she may be doing something ethically dubious...it’s also so much fun..."

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Score: 4.75

Matt Blanchette • AndersonVision Jul 29, 2022

"(Episode 1 & 2) I know Maslany cares deeply about using her platform to lift up voices who might not have that opportunity, or ability, to be heard for themselves, and she does that again here, admirably. Maslany’s Jane is human — not flawless, not a marble statue representation of a person with a disability; she’s a real person...The sound design, in particular, is remarkable — there’s a very clever use of reverse-echo to depict Jane’s power to command..."

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