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462587 There is no PodKISSt without YOU, the KISS Army! You are the reason the PodKISSt exists, and the reason why it will survive. Without your encouragement and ideas, none of our efforts would be possible or worthwhile. And better yet, without YOU the KISS Army … there would be no KISS! So raise your glasses, KISS Army, you deserve a toast!

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Scott D. Parker • Scott D Parker Blog May 9, 2019

"KISS is my first favorite band. They introduced me to rock and roll. I bought the trading cards and the comics and a few posters back in the 70s. This is not a podcast purely made up of folks talking about KISS. As the PodKISSt has grown and acquired a good reputation, various celebrities have been interviewed. It might be JR Smalling talking about touring with KISS in the 1970s or Adam Black discussing about KISS comics. There's something for everyone. I love KISS. Maybe you do, too. If you love this band that's touring for the last time and you haven't discovered PodKISSt, then I highly encourage you to do."

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