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From the creators of The Empire Film Podcast, The Pilot TV Podcast is your (spoiler free) guide to the essential new shows dropping each week across terrestrial, satellite, streaming and beyond. Bringing you the latest news and reviews, as well as interviews with the biggest names in TV, we're here to cut through the rubbish and make sure every minute you spend in front of the box is a minute worth spending. Served with a heavy helping of insider knowledge, irreverence and humour, the Pilot TV Podcast won't just keep you informed, amused and entertained, but is guaranteed to save...

Critic Reviews

Score: 5

George Fenwick • Stuff NZ Dec 19, 2021

"It’s the perfect show if you, like me, find television even more overwhelming than film...This show will help you cut through the crap and discern what’s best for your tastes – and the guests are splendid...Marvellous!"

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