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OTHERtone with Pharrell, Scott, and Fam-Lay

Publisher: OTHERtone

Critic Rating: 3.5/5


OTHERtone is a glimpse into the minds of our culture's unicorns, and how they think about life, art, and everything in between. Float in the stream of culture alongside Pharrell, Scott, and Fam-Lay as they link up with the most brilliant spirits from the worlds of music, tech, business, art, and fashion for conversations that are human, inspiring, unexpected… and fun.New episodes every Monday. Follow us at @othertone (

Critic Reviews

Score: 3.5

Miranda Sawyer - The Guardian - Dec 12, 2020

"I’m not sure how useful this show is for anyone, given that it’s really just the sound of Pharrell and his co-hosts, Scott and Fam-Lay, cooing over whichever guest is on, and the guest cooing back. God, their questions don’t do anyone any favours: “Fame itself … it’s a thing. It’s very hard for people to not come out of it … I can’t find your ego …. (continues)… how did you end up just … being?”…"

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