On China’s New Silk Road

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On China’s New Silk Road


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Join host Mary Kay Magistad as she explores how China's New Silk Road may change the world. Dozens of countries have invited China to build roads, railways, ports, 5G networks, and more. How is China’s global ambition seen around the world and what impact are its investments having on the ground? Over nine episodes, Mary Kay, a former China correspondent for NPR and PRX’s “The World,” partners with local journalists on five continents to uncover the effects of the most sweeping global infrastructure initiative in history. From the Global Reporting Centre, “On China’s New Silk Road” launches September 2, w...

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Score: 4.5

PR Staff • PodcastReview.org Oct 14, 2020

"The podcast’s breadth is astounding, covering everything from China’s heavy investments in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia, to the country’s treatment of Uighur Muslims in the region of Xinjiang. Magistad, a former China correspondent for NPR and PRI’s The World, brings a wealth of knowledge to the nine-part series, and she takes no shortcuts in trying to understand the true impacts of China’s economic plans. On China’s New Silk Road, a series about global ambition, is itself one of the year’s most ambitious podcasts."

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