Office Hours Live

Publisher: Starburns Audio

User Rating: 4.0/5


Office Hours Live is a weekly call-in show with Tim Heidecker, DJ Douggpound and Vic Berger (aka the holy trinity). Every episode you'll hear sound bite battles, drops galore, special guests, and Tim's rants and riffs on politics, music, his kids and whatever else is happening in his life, and the lives of our callers. Support the holy trinity, get the full two-hour show, the entire archives and more at

User Reviews

Score: 4

Sebastian G - Jun 1, 2020

"Tim Heidecker’s podcast temporarily transforms into a FM radio morning broadcast, full of good times, goofs, and fun. The audio effects are on full display DJ Douggpound (The Shovel) and Vic Berger (Skunk) portray an absurdist morning drive team, chock-full of fake prank calls, fictional morning traffic reports, and spliced celebrity interviews. The real Jack Black celebrity appearance is real and it’s great."

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