Obscene: The Dublin Scandal


Obscene: The Dublin Scandal


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Adrian Dunbar narrates a story about a time in Ireland when nothing was quite what it seemed.

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Score: 4.8

John Phipps • The Spectator Nov 12, 2022

"Obscene:The Dublin Scandal has classy production values, a great, likeable narrator in Adrian Dunbar, high-profile talking heads such as Colm Toibin and Fintan O’Toole and a post-Succession theme tune of cellos weeping over a loose, reverbed drumkit that promises clever twists and high-concept suspense. It tells a story so brightly freaked with improbability that it inspired a new acronym in Irish politics: Gubu. Grotesque, unbelievable, bizarre, unprecedented. Yet after its seven grotesque, unbelievable, bizarre, unprecedented episodes were through, I found myself wondering if the writers themselves could explain to me what the story really meant, let alone why it all happened."

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