Noisy by Nature

Noisy by Nature

Publisher: ABC KIDS listen (Australia)

Critic Rating: 4.8/5


Australian nature is full of strange, surprising and sometimes silly sounds. From cicadas that sound like sprinklers to moaning mutton birds, there are heaps of weird noises to discover. Join host and nature lover, Ann, as we use our ears to listen to the different sounds that Australian nature makes. Along the way we’ll find out some fun facts and train little ears to listen to the chorus of calls that make up the natural world around us.

Critic Reviews

Score: 4.8

Jon Tjhia - Bello Collective - Dec 2, 2020

"Unlike many podcasts aimed at young listeners, this one isn’t necessarily pitched to parents too; its tone is unabashedly storytime. If you’ve ever wondered after a sound in the night, Noisy by Nature’s short episodes are a great way to encourage your kids’ curiosity. …"

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