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Never Have I Ever is a weekly podcast from Joel Dommett and Hannah Cooper that sees the married couple act on unusual suggestions from listeners and each other, to experience something they’ve never done before. Be it smashing out their feelings in a rage room, taking (or posing for) a life-drawing class or staying in a haunted house for the night, Joel and Hannah are broadening their horizons and recording it for your entertainment. Listen now and subscribe. Get in touch with Joel & Hannah: Insta: @nevereverpod Email: Please review Global's Privacy Policy:

Critic Reviews

Score: 2

James Marriot • The Times UK Apr 28, 2022

"Dommett is the host of the television show The Masked Singer and also, apparently, a comedian. Though this latter detail is not one you would necessarily guess listening to the podcast, which falls into the genre of “domestic banter”. The idea, presumably, is to find the lowest common denominator of relatability. Never Have I Ever is unusually listless and inoffensive. I mean it’s not exactly Oscar Wilde. It’s not even Michael McIntyre."

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Score: 4

Miranda Sawyer • The Guardian Apr 23, 2022

"Hmm. It’s telling that they have to visit strip clubs or try puppy yoga in order to have something to talk about.’s just them recalling what went on, and this mostly seems to be Dommett feeling a bit jealous of his lovely wife giving any other living thing – a personal trainer, a male stripper, a puppy – some attention. It’s all sweet enough, but the banter never gets above lukewarm."

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