My Albion


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Score: 5

Rachel Humphreys • The Guardian Jan 22, 2021

"I thought this was beautifully made and, as someone who – like Zakia – has never considered themselves patriotic, I was surprised that it sparked an interest to learn more about English folklore. It also helped me appreciate something I never understood growing up in Cornwall: maypole dancing."

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Score: 4.8

Miranda Sawyer • The Guardian Nov 21, 2020

"This gorgeously produced four-part series takes her(Zakia Sewell) from her love of The Cuckoo into an exploration of Albion, the mythical land of old. In the first episode she plays folk tunes with her dad, talks to musician Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne and, bravely, has a crack at morris dancing. “I couldn’t quite relax into it,” she admits."

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Score: 4.7

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