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In a small Tennessee town, a local serial killer was caught by the most unlikely investigators: A group of high school students, led by their teacher, Alex Campbell. Throughout the course of one school semester, the class pieced together a 30-year-old mystery and identified the killer behind at least six brutal murders. Shockingly, while the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations publicly agrees with their theory, no charges have been filed against the murderer. While some sleuthing students already have graduated, they, along with a fresh crop of current high schoolers, still want to finish the assignment, once and for all.

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The Crime Writers Squad • Crime Writers On Apr 11, 2024

"The premise was very good...There was no critical editorial thought or technical skill applied to this..the podcast sounded like it was put together by a 6th grade A/V club...Just a series of rambling Voice Memo recordings..."

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