Mother, Neighbor, Russian Spy


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Cindy Murphy is the early 2000s poster girl for having it all. A top job in finance in Manhattan, two delightful daughters and a house in the suburbs. But Cindy’s life is built on a lie. She’s really a Russian spy sent to live in deep cover in the US and send intel back to Moscow. Rosamund Pike narrates this true story documentary about an extraordinary woman who deceives her friends, neighbors, boss and even her children. Starring Rosemund Pike

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Score: 5

Patricia Nicol • The Times UK May 7, 2023

"...begins its gripping story in a New York hospital...Rosamund Pike, the skilful, starry presenter of this true spy series. Pike is an asset herself here: meeting interviewees at their workplace, tapping her own FBI contacts and empathetically drawing on her experience as an actress and mother...accomplished, compelling series...Lots of true crime podcasts run out of steam, but this justifies its nine parts, even saving twists for its concluding episode. I listened, then relistened, in a day."

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Score: 4.8

Miranda Sawyer • The Guardian Apr 21, 2023

"Rosamund Pike, puts in more effort than you might expect from a hugely successful actor...her fruity, Lumley-like tones add gravitas and sparkle throughout. As with many investigative podcasts, there’s a little too much “show your workings” detail...but this is a great yarn, lifted above the ordinary by in-depth interviews with Cindy’s best friend and with Cindy’s employer. The always excellent Gordon Corera brings professional insight..."

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