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As the official podcast of the United States Postal Service, Mailin’ It! takes you inside a thoroughly American institution, exploring the rich history of the USPS, going behind-the scenes of its present innovations, and discussing its dynamic future with organization and industry leaders. Join our host for a fun look at your United States Postal Service.

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Score: 4.3

Imran A. Dec 12, 2021

"I got this rec from Podcast Critic Nick Quah's last article that the US Postal Office has a podcast. I listened to two episodes. Operation Santa and the Louis DeJoy episode. Operation Santa was heartwarming and a great historical education. Over a 100 years of that project! I'm not sure how I feel about the Louis episode. I'll just leave that there. This podcast reminds me of Trader Joe's podcast where it's somewhat lovely, but it's also somewhat corporate-y."

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