Made to Fail

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Made to Fail

Publisher: Goat Rodeo, The Hub Project

Critic Rating: 4.7/5


From healthcare, to unemployment insurance, to exercising the right to vote, the COVID-19 crisis has affected every part of American life. The rampant employment. The social unrest in American cities. It's pulled back the curtain on the policies that time and time again, have failed the people they were supposed to protect. But what's happening in our country is something much bigger than a pandemic. Something that's been in the works for a long, long time. Made to Fail tells the stories of Americans in states across the country, and the ways in which our country has left our institutions...

Critic Reviews

Score: 4.7

Jenna Spinelle - Bello Collective - Dec 2, 2020

"This entire series offers a refreshing mix of personal stories and interviews with policy experts, which is rare in the nonprofit/government podcasting space, as shows tend to fall on one side or the other. Both the individuals and the experts show that the system is broken, but not unfixable; all we have to do is choose to fight for something different."

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