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Roberta Blevins

Life After MLM


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True stories and conversations with survivors, advocates and experts on the insidious cult of Multi Level Marketing, where through compassionate, educational, informal chats, we work to end the stigma of "failure", in an industry systematically designed for you to fail. Hosted by Roberta Blevins. Life After MLM is a part of the Solid Listen Network. Visit at for more.

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Score: 5

Lauren Passell - Podcast The Newsletter - Sep 20, 2021

"These episodes are funny, fascinating, and sad. That LuLaRoe friend of yours may have seemed annoying and invasive when she was trying to get you buy several pants of yoga pants (with a pattern of something that may or may not have looked like a penis,) but after listening to this, you just might feel bad for her."

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