Let’s Make a Rom-Com


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The hosts of Let’s Make A Sci-Fi, one of The New Yorker’s “Best Podcasts of 2022”, are back in their writers’ room and this time they’re getting serious about love. Over eight episodes, Maddy, Mark, and Ryan try to balance love and laughs into a fresh, funny, and heart-felt movie script. When they run into trouble, they’ll have help from Hollywood experts, including rom-com screenwriting royalty Kirsten Smith (Legally Blonde, 10 Things I Hate About You), blockbuster director Ol Parker (Ticket to Paradise, Mama Mia II), comedian Phoebe Robinson (2 Dope Queens), as well as agents and actors, to reveal how we...

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Score: 4.5

Nicholas Quah • Vulture Feb 16, 2023

"...it’s fun to listen to Let’s Make a Rom-Com...you’re pulled along for a ride as they draw upon their fondness for and popular understanding of the genre to develop a script idea. In a sense, one could locate Let’s Make a Sci-Fi, and now Let’s Make a Rom-Com, within a genre of its own: The Process Podcast, which tangibly guides listeners through the journey of how something gets made or how something happens...just like the romantic comedy itself, the discussions about the genre on the show can ultimately feel a little conservative, and as such, those with more subversive tendencies might chafe at some choices and the way things are discussed. All of which is to say, your mileage on this might vary."

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